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Bryce, Pam, Lindsey, Kinsey & Dylan
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Desert Mule X Anonymous



Center Cut
Centerfold X Desert Mule





Centerfold X LogDog









Reserve Champion Division 2
2015 Wyoming State Fair
Supreme Breeding Ewe
2015 Laramie County Fair



Division 4 Champion
2015 Wyoming State Fair
Bred & Fed Champion
2015 Laramie County Fair



Champion of Champions
2014 Wyoming State Fair
Grand Champion Market Lamb
2014 Laramie County Fair
Bred & Fed Champion
2014 Laramie County Fair



Supreme Breeding Ewe
2013 Laramie County Fair







For Sale


Online Sale - March 5th @

Lot 1
Center Cut X Desert Mule Donor
Sex: Wether
Tag #: 704

Here is a wether that was in contention to be our keeper buck out of Center Cut and our Desert Mule Donor flush. You won't find one more opened and dimensional everywhere. He is extremely round bodied and radical in his muscle shape. Still maintaining a trendy attractive look from the side.

Lot 2
HushJack X HushJack
Sex: Ewe
Tag #: 701

701 is the first baby of the year. She is about a week and a half older than everything else, lending to her really bloomy look. That and the fact that she is extremely stout in her build, she has a tremendous amount of foot and bone work, with a great layer of shag on top of that. She is really opened up in her rib, and has good shape up high. All while still balancing from the side, here is one to jackpot early and win late!



Lot 3
Center Cut X Homecoming Queen (HushJack)
Sex: Wether
Tag #: 711

711 is out of a ewe we call "Homecoming Queen" and one of the best females on the place. He's really opened up in his rib cage and is really wide and square in his topside shape and has a tremendous turn through his hip. While still being really wedge made from the side. Don't miss out on your opportunity to get in on this stout, trendy sheep.

Lot 4
Womanizer X 383 (LogDog)
Sex: Ewe
Tag #: 726




Lot 5
HushJack X Bootlegger Donor  
Sex: Ewe
Tag #: 715

715 is a product of our flush this year and we would not be selling her besides the fact that she has four sisters. She is one of the greener sheep on the sale, but is NOT lacking in the quality department. She is an exact replica of her yearling sister as a baby. She will grow into a female with a tremendous amount of presence and skeletal quality; while still being robust in her rib. If you are looking for an intriguing breeding piece, you might want to get in on this one.

Lot 6
Center Cut X Betty (Bootlegger)
Sex: Wether
Tag #: 707

This wether is out of a ewe that had a successful show career (Champion Bred and Fed at the Laramie County Fair and Division Champion Wyoming State Fair) and he is a full brother to the sheep that was Champion Division 4 at the Wyoming State Fair 2 years ago. One of the best built sheep from the side because of his length up front and shallowness, while still being really level in his top line; that working alongside his shag makes him extra trendy. He is greener in his muscle shape because although his mother is good, she is not a good milker.




Lot 7
Center Cut X 4147 (HushJack)
Sex: Ewe
Tag #: 706

This is the only female that we will be offering out of Center Cut this year and we would probably not be selling, but we want to see her do some winning this summer. She is incredible structurally in the way she is put together and the way she blends from the side. While having all the power and dimension that you see in the Center Cut wethers. She is one that can be competitive in the showing and yet a complete breeding piece for any operation.

Lot 8
Center Cut X Desert Mule Donor
Sex: Wether
Tag #: 709

709 is a flush brother to lot 1 and our keeper buck this year - here is another wether that we have no doubt can compete. He is going to be big racked and perfect loined with a huge hip while still having the right pieces from the side. His recip mom certainly has not done him as much justice, but with that aside has a bright future.




Lot 9
Center Cut X 007 (Desert Mule)
Sex: Wether
Tag #: 729

Here is the youngest one of the group that we have to sell, but is one of my favorites of the set. He has a twin sister that is in the keeper pen because of her tremendous look and balance she presents. 729 certainly mirror's his sister from that standpoint. Although he is greener, he is going to be big back with outrageous hip. Don't overlook him because he is green, or it just might come back around and bite you in the butt.

Lot 10
Womanizer X 4003 (LogDog 2054)
Sex: Wether
Tag #: 722

Here is another greener wether on the sale due in part to the fact that he has twin. However, he has all the pieces to be a great one. He so tucked up and neat through his front end, while having a tremendous turn back through his flank. He is going to be big topped, has a big pin set on him, and there is no question he is going to be one of the shaggiest ones out there.




Lot 11
Womanizer X 5166 (HushJack)
Sex: Ewe
Tag #: 725

We are rounding the sale off with one of our favorite females. She's about a week and a half younger than some of the others on the sale, but is still so bloomy. There is no question that she is the roundest bodied biggest topped sheep on the sale, but still draws you in with her incredible look from the side. This is a show sheep dream, and a breeding piece I would have my eye on!







About Us


Freeman Livestock is made up of Lindsey, Kinsey, Dylan, Pam and Bryce Freeman. We've been raising and showing livestock in the Cheyenne Area for over 25 years. 

Lindsey graduated from the University of Wyoming with a degree in Agriculture Education and now teaches agriculture and is the FFA Advisor in Hanna, Wyoming.  

Follow I-80 down the road past the Freeman place a few hundred miles and you'll find Kinsey working as the 4-H Extension Educator in Keith and Arthur Counties in Nebraska.  She graduated from UNL with a degree in Animal Science and Youth Development. She was a dedicated member of the UNL Livestock Judging Team and went on to serve as an assistant coach for many teams after her run.

Dylan recently graduated from Colorado State University with a bachelor's degree in Animal Science.  While at CSU he was a member of the Livestock Judging Team and finished in the top ten at many collegiate judging contests. Although Dylan graduated from CSU we still love him because he is now attending the University of Wyoming pursuing a Law Degree and a Master's Degree in Environmental and Natural Resources.

We have Pam and Bryce to thank for our start in 4-H and FFA.  They both have jobs in town yet remain helpful in the operation.  They are still active 4-H leaders and FFA supporters even though all the kids are grown.  

Freeman Livestock has a history of success.  We've shown multiple species but our true passion is in the club lamb industry.  We are on a mission to develop our flock on the foundation of quality genetics gathered from some of the most reputable producers in the nation.  Our goal is to raise elite quality show lambs for 4-H and FFA members at an affordable price.  Contact us to find your next champion!






Contact Us


Bryce, Pam, Lindsey, Kinsey & Dylan

(307) 287.7353
(307) 287.7352
(307) 286.1049
(307) 635.0915


768 Century Hills Trail
Cheyenne, Wyoming 82007











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